There is just one more free workshop this year, hosted by Sue Lincoln at the Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendlesham, to take advantage of. The last event of 2017 takes place on Tuesday 12th December at 7:30 pm. Booking is essential and you can confirm your spot by calling us on 01394 549 985 or emailing

Sue led two events last month, at the Maharishi Peace Palace in Rendelsham and Apothecary in Woodbridge respectively. Both were deemed a marked success with a good number of people turning up to make the most of the experienced Maharishi AyurVeda Practitioner’s wealth of knowledge.

Sue is our resident Maharishi AyurVeda Practitioner and it vastly experienced. She has a Master’s degree in Complementary Health Sciences (AyurVeda) which is recognised by, both, the UK and Indian governments as a medical degree with her final qualification in clinical practice being completed with three months in South India. Sue has been working as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for over 30 years and has been based in East Anglia during the most recent years.

Sue Lincoln host of the workshops

                             Sue Lincoln

Sue’s last Rendlesham talk covered a number of topics, predominantly centering around exercise. Key areas of discussion included transcendental meditation (TM) and yoga asanas, focusing on flexibility and strength. The importance of exercise in maintaining, and improving, the working health of the heart and lungs was presented, as well as an emphasis on ensuring all exercise routines are individual specific. All people are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to how much exercise an individual should participate in. The main considerations should be that the physical activity is enjoyed and that the amount of exercise and intensity of the workout is not too much or too little. This will, again, be different for each person as an individual. To view a full list of consultations available at our Health Centre please click here.

Sue Lincoln Free Workshop
 Sue’s November Peace Palace Workshop

A video was also shown as part of Sue’s last workshop taken from the Maharishi Channel website. There are a number of very useful and interesting videos that can be found within their Global Family Chat section which can be found by visiting this link.

The Maharishi Peace Palace website can be found by visiting

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