How does Maharishi AyurVeda treat weight gain and obesity?

In Maharishi AyurVeda, one size does not fit all. Each physical constitution is assessed for its unique special strengths and weaknesses — as a unique individual mind-body structure. Within this article we will explore the Maharishi AyurVedic approach to treating weight gain and obesity.

First of all, an AyurVedic expert, called a Vaidya, determines your body type and helps you find your ideal weight for your height. The AyurVedic expert uses an ancient diagnostic method called pulse diagnosis to help reveal the root causes of your weight gain. This also helps the Vaidya custom-design your individual weight loss programme. The programme is always built around the most relevant natural treatments for you.

Treating Weight Gain and Obesity - Vaidya Jagdish

The programme approach is simple, but powerful and effective nonetheless. Programmes focus on gentle purification; stress reduction; and modifications to your diet that centre on light, easy-to-digest foods that are, both, satisfying and nourishing, improving digestion. Modifications to your diet concentrating on light easy-to-digest foods is especially important because poor digestion created toxins and impurities than contribute to weight gain.

Specifically, Maharishi AyurVeda helps to improve digestion through:
– The use of spices, oils, and herbs;
– Suggesting the best foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
– Demonstrating a simple system for a balanced diet;
– Recommending foods that enhance or inhibit digestion;
– Proposing eating habits for best digestion;
– Advocating good food combinations; and
– Exercise.

Treating Weight Gain and Obesity - AyurVedic Herbs and Spices
           AyurVedic Herbs and Spices 

AyurVeda uses herbs and therapies to rejuvenate the body and mind, reduce toxins, and improve circulation. These are spa-like treatments that can be completed in-home, using special Maharishi AyurVeda herbs and herbal compounds, or in-residence, for example, at our Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre in Rendlesham, Suffolk.

This is a very important step because one of the most serious side effects of weight gain is the accumulation of damaging toxins in the body. According to AyurVeda, almost every major disease is caused primarily by toxins, blocked circulation, and poor digestion.

Rejuvenation therapy, in brief, is a powerful deep cleansing and healing experience that utilises:
– Authentic AyurVedic herbal oil massage;
– Internal cleaning therapies;
– Stress management to improve eating habits;
– Daily and seasonal AyurVedic lifestyle support;
– AyurVedic herbs for digestion, metabolism, and detoxification; and
– Maharishi yoga, Transcendental Meditation (TM), and breathing techniques.

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